The Little Black dress


5.One rule you either show legs or chest never both.

6.Material is preferably the best you can afford, no jersey, a well structured material that has a bit of stretch in it so as to hold your body in shape and fit perfectly. 

7.If black is not your color go for a v neck and add an accessory close to your face.

8.How to choose it for example heavy women should choose a v neck and let the detail on bottom.

 b.Bottom heavy women should keep the details on top.

 c.Curvy women are for a black dress or shift dress.

 d.Straight shape women like models look best with a defined waist dress. 

 e.Overweight women should go for unstructured and of a fabric that does not drape (which means without Lycra).

9.A few accessories that help you dress up or dress down your dress: scarves, belts, bags, blazers, pearls, ballerina, heels, make up, hair, and jewelry.