How can pregnant woman look glamorous?



2nd trimester

This is the time when all your clothes are tight and you may feel like you need a whole new wardrobe. Nothing fits!!

 Solution:  go for a size or two bigger from the same stores you like, but choose things with a bit more room and comfort, more elastic and expandable. 

This is the only phase you can shop cause remember whatever you buy now  you will be able to wear directly after delivery. Most likely woman look very much like this phase after delivery. But remember everything you wear during pregnancy you probably don’t want to see after, so don’t overdo it.

 Go for lower heals as you will get heavier and safety is your no. 1 priority. 

Stay simple you are already glowing you might not feel ok but you look great. Let your hair grow go for regular trims and treatments and no over styling.  

At this point your make up routine should look more fresh and less obvious. 

Since you’re still shopping in the same places don’t be afraid of colors 


3rd trimester

Ok at this point you can go to pregnancy shops. You will need it.

Do not indulge you will not want to see all these clothes after you deliver not only they will remind you of how big you are but also you would have over used them. 

Dresses should be neutral color ones that you can make different looks out of (ex. Black dress with different blazers).

Accessories are a must as you need a different focal point other than your tummy. Your bag your earrings your watch are very important to emphasize your style. 

Ballerinas are your only bet at this stage as your shoe size might have gone up stick to only two pairs. 

Your hair should be of middle length nice and healthy.

Make up should be very minimal.

Stick to basic colors to be able to be practical.