Top tips on how middle aged women should dress

 8.Hair style rules (no rules!! Just depends  on the shape and scale and quality of the hair) you will need a fresh cut that suits you focus on healthy hair and quality.

9.5 make up mistakes that make you look older 

  •  Concealor
  •  Pale Foundation
  •  Lipstick only /too much mascara
  •  Clown blush
  •  Panda eyes 

10.Choose the right color (all black during the day/ no neon all over /go for jewel tones/    combination of black and white is too strong for the day too bold.

11.Be sensible with the heels and keep it for nice occasions.

12.As your body changes your clothes must change.

13.Focus on shoulders and legs they are the last to age.

14.Choose stores that are age appropriate.