Tips on how to pack stylishly for a holiday


6.Accessories:  throw all the accessories over the clothes to make sure they match 

  • Your pachmina is the most imp piece take your favorite one and keep in rolled in your bag where ever you think you might need it
  • Messenger bag for shopping
  • One evening bag that will match with all (silver of gold)
  • One  or two evening shoes (1 high heel and 1 comfy dressy)
  • Very comfortable flip flops (2 perhaps 1 silver and 1 gold) and ballerina for the day (no trainers)
  • A few earnings and necklaces that are neutrals but don’t leave home without them they are you’re fashion statements 


7.If you’re going on a beach holiday then don’t forget you’re statement beach bag your shades at least two bathing suits (all packed in zip lock bags or special kind of bags to avoid damage) with one wrap around you and a matching flip flops (1 for all) and all your creams.

8.Do your manicure pedicure on day before you go keep that polish (preferably light color) with you for emergency touch ups. Otherwise you can go for Gelish manicure they work perfect on holidays.