Mais is a renowned certified Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Color Consultant with more than 15 years extensive experience in Fashion based in Dubai. She is a George Washington University graduate in Graphic Design and qualified Stylist from Image Factor Academy in London. Mais truly understands the aesthetics behind styling from a creative viewpoint. She is fluent in Arabic, and English with a Jordanian and Lebanese heritage. Mais blends her keen gift for creative graphic expression with her styling ability and has the unique gift, to express herself through graphics as well as a Stylist to see form, shape and overall style impact.
In 2010, Mais founded, Stylezone@mais, a professional styling service provided for women & men. Stylezone covers many domains including, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Weeding, Organizing themed Fashion Shows, Styling Photos Shoots for magazine covers, and Bespoke Workshops for personal and/ or professional purposes.
Mais was a weekly Guest on MBC1,“Sabah Il Khair Ya Arab” as a guest stylist providing the latest fashion tips and advice for both men and women for 4 consecutive years. She was also selected to be the presenter and style advisor for Dubai Shopping Festival Show, a competition like program to help young stylists come forward in the UAE. She has also made numerous TV appearances on channels like Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Rotana Al Khaleejieh, Roya TV and Amman TV as an image consultant.
In 2018 Mais won Best Spouse/ Partner experiential event of the YPO Dubai Chapter globally with her Styling Workshop. She is currently traveling with the workshops and offering them in Hong Kong, Amman, Dubai, and soon in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The Workshops have had outstanding feedback and 100% satisfactory rate and continue to be offered to date.
Mais has a multicultural background with significant time spent in Middle East, Gulf, US & Europe and her client list includes celebrities, socialites, working women and full time moms.
In April 2019 took part in mentoring the Contestants of Khayt, a Creative Jordan Fashion Designer Competition which is a non-profit competition organized by UNIDO, through its EU and Italy funded Creative Mediterranean project, in partnership with GSC.

Maisa Taha

Our Happy Clients

Mais is brilliant!! She has KonMari-ed my life and elevated my style game by objectively defining what works for me. She understands the science of art!! Mais is lovely, personable; I have gained a friend who I can confidently ask all my style questions.
Catherine Sunyoung Kim, Hong Kong
Time with Mays is invaluable. Her workshops are full of information and helpful tips that are not easy to come by and are clearly the result of a lot of experience. I thoroughly enjoyed all the workshops I attended and found value in each and every one because of her honesty and insights. I hope Mays keeps holding more workshops so I can keep learning more !!
Jumana Qubain, Amman
My life is so much easier after the three workshops I attended, all the tips     Helped me with changing all the colors of my make up, even choosing the right colors for the my outfits and having the capsule wardrobe that saves me so much time in choosing my outfit ? the workshops are so professional, extremely informative and super interesting just love every second of it and looking forward to many more workshops ??♥keep it up Mais ♥♥
Hala Kfoury, Amman
When I first met with Mais and found out she was a fashion stylist I thought to myself, a stylist? Maybe for celebrities! Who needs one with all these fashion magazines and tv channels telling us what to wear, right? Wrong! What Mais added to my life is eternal. She made me understand my own body, it’s strengths and weaknesses and the colors that I should stick to. Mais doesn’t tell u to buy fashionable items, she shows you how to wear what you have. How to glow and stand out on a budget by following simple rules. Your color card will go hand in hand with your credit card. My visits to any store lasts for 5 minutes only because I can spot what suits me immediately. My husband and friends have noticed the difference in my style and I thank Mais for that. A stylist is only for celebrities? Absolutely! Because I sure do feel like one!
Hanan wehbi, Dubai
Thank you for the services you provided. You are exceptionally talented and inspirational. The color analysis you did for me has finally removed all the years of confusion I’ve had. I finally know which colors work best for me. It was like a revelation to see and understand how the colors of my make up, clothes, and hair, have such an immense impact on my looks. I am still reaping the benefits of looking better and feeling better. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in, and yet still you made it so fun and exciting. I look forward to booking more of your services, next stop is definitely a wardrobe consultation! Am thrilled…
Cool colors,
Linda El-Dada, Dubai
I don’t have time in my life to really study what looks good on me or what doesn’t.  Mais taught me exactly what colors and fabrics I should be wearing to make sure I look good always, so regardless how much time I have, I can choose now what goes into my closet and the colors that go on my face and without having to worry about a bad look.
Farrah Al Kassem, Dubai
It was a pleasure working with Mais. She made me more aware of my body and face shape, and as a result I am able to dress and accessorize to look my best. Also, she showed me what colors suited me best, and that was very helpful. I now know what colors my clothes should be and what shades of makeup that will make me look my finest.
Rula Sanbar, Dubai
‘After three pregnancies and lots of weight gain, I no longer knew what is meant to dress up and feel good about myself. Mais helped me rediscover my sense of style as well as introduced me to a whole new look. So many things I thought I couldn’t wear, I know realize I can. I have more confidence, self esteem and passion for life! This has been such a wonderful experience; I would recommend her services to everyone!’
Rasha Abdulrazak, Dubai
Like many, I had a closet that was over full and probably only wore 5% of what was there!   I’d been wanting to do a closet clearout for years but honestly didnt know what stylist to turn to.  
I met Mays at her colour workshop, which was a true eye opener in itself, and then booked 2 sessions for a closet clearout and outfit cataloguing. It was a life changing experience, Mays is a true professional, she understood me and my style very quickly, recommended what suits my body type, colours that work for me, what to never shop for again, what was missing from my closet, and got rid of half the content! We catalogued different outfits with what I already had in my closet,  I would have never thought to match things the way she did. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe, I am now wearing everything in my closet, I learnt an enormous amount and will shop very differently moving forward. I cannot recommend her enough!
Tania Farha, Dubai