Inside Style

During this workshop you will learn:

The Difference between Image & Style.
The Five Dominant Style Personalities and which one you belong to.
The Four Body Shapes, proportions & the complimenting cuts and fabrics for them.

Inside Color

During this workshop you will:

Explore the 4 Seasonal Colors: Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.
Identify your undertone color: Cool or Warm.
Find out which colors you can carry well: black, red, and/or white.

Inside Wardrobe

During this workshop you will learn:

The Importance of Order and a step by step guide on how to detox your wardrobe.
How to create a capsule wardrobe that matches your lifestyle.
All you need to know about undergarments.

Style Tricks & Tips

During this workshop you will:

Identify accessories and Learn the 4 to 8 accessory rules.
Choose the right outfit for the right event. (The Dress Code)
Find out what your face shape is and the most complimenting hairstyle for it.

Style Inside & Out

During this workshop you will:

Master the art of the five-minute make up routine in just 5 min
Learn how to do a proper bra fitting.
Choose the most complimenting pair of Jeans for your body type.

Style Trouble Shooting

During this workshop you will:

Learn about your Scale and how it can help you with the choice accessories.
The dos and don’ts of Big women/ Petite women.
How to handle Big bust / small bust.

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