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"Fashion fades, style is eternal", Coco Channel

Who is behind Stylzeone?

Mais Taha (Fashion Advisor & Stylist) is a qualified fashion and color consultant based in Dubai. As a George Washington University graduate with a degree in Graphic Design, Mais genuinley understands the aesthetics behind styling from a creative viewpoint.

Being fluent in both Arabic and English, Mais blends her keen gift for creative graphic expression with her styling ability. She has a warm and approachable style combined with superior operational insight that she is ardent to share.


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Linda Birtini, professional mom

"Thank you for the services you provided. You are acceptionally talented and inspirational. The color analysis you did for me has finally removed all the years of confusion I've had. I finally know which colors work best for me. It was like a revelation to see and understand how the colors of my make up, clothes, and hair, have such an immense impact on my looks. I am still reaping the benefits of looking better and feeling better. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in, and yet still you made it so fun and exciting. I look forward to booking more of your services, next stop is definitely a wardrobe consultation! Am thrilled...Cool colors,Linda"

Rasha Abdulrazak

"After three pregnancies and lots of weight gain, I no longer knew what is meant to dress up and feel good about myself. Mais helped me rediscover my sense of style as well as introduced me to a whole new look. So many things I thought I couldn't wear, I know realize I can. I have more confidence, self esteem and passion for life! This has been such a wonderful experience, I would recommend her services to everyone!"

Rula Sanbar, Marketing Student at UMass Dartmouth

Rula Sanbar, Marketing Student at UMass … "It was a pleasure working with Mais. She made me more aware of my body and face shape, and as a result I am able to dress and accessorize to look my best. Also, she showed me what colors suited me best, and that was very helpful. I now know what colors my clothes should be and what shades of makeup that will make me look my finest."  

Farrah Al Kassem, Editor-in-Chief / Managing Director at Kidz.Blog

"I don't have time in my life to really study what looks good on me or what doesn't.  Mais taught me exactly what colors and fabrics I should be wearing to make sure I look good always, so regardless how much time I have, I can choose now what goes into my closet and the colors that go on my face and without having to worry about a bad look."

Sara, Managing Director, Sisters Beauty Lounge

"Mais changed my life! I was so demotivated by my wardrobe, I didn't even want to go out. I didn't know where to start and what I needed. Mais gave me the exact advice I needed to change it up and make me feel good in my clothes. I even look much thinner wearing the pieces she advised and get lots of compliments! "

Our Services.

The Diva In You

It’s time you find out your favourite style and start looking it.. a few steps by an expert stylist will highlight your best areas and help you to work around your imperfections. Your shape, colour, fabrics, accessories all make an impression on people around you. So take control of your look and style and feel fab all the time.  Take home a list of shops and brands that cater for your body shape and a personalized style guide booklet is also included.

   2hours 1090 dhs


Make me up before you gogo

Pink??  Yellow?? Bronzer or no bronzer? With the endless Choices in the market and sales pitches thrown at you from every direction, sometimes it’s hard to decide which color suits you  and your complexion best.  Thus, find out the right colors that flatter you most and get into the routine of mastering a day and/or evening polished look effortlessly.



 2hours 920 dhs

Wardrobe detox

This service saves both time and money and prevents you from buying the same items more than once.  Instead of feeling you like you don’t have anything to wear all the time, we invite you to “Shop Your Closet” where you’ll find useful combination that are old and new.  We will help you to identify what your wardrobe lacks so as to have a more accurate list during your next shopping trip.  This way, no matter what the occasion is, getting ready will be a lot simpler and more enjoyable.                                                      2 hours 1090 Dhs


A date with a Stylist

This is no longer a service for the rich and famous, now you can book as little as three hours and tour around the mall with a professional to find what you’re looking for within your budget. Weather it’s the party of the year, a wedding, a business dinner no need to sweat. We will guarantee you will show up looking and feeling as  wonderful as you’ve ever wanted.



   450/hour (min 3 hours)


Plan Your Wardrobe Guide

Our  fashion stylist exclusive "Plan Your Wardrobe Guide" used for our Wardrobe Therapy clients can be yours. Plan and orgainze your wardrobe according to this fantastic guide and crucial ‘must have pieces’ checklist, it will help you uncover and coordinate all the must have items you have and plan for in your closet!

2 Hours  1090 Dhs





A stylist in a box

The perfect gift!  Pamper yourself or give someone special and unique gift of a Fashion & Style session with our stylists.  Select from any of the that will shape their shopping skills and create a lifelong special memory that you or your friend will always thank you for.

A New You!!

We offer a complete makeover, giving you the knowledge to maintain your new look. We will organize a hair stylist, beauty therapist, and shopping experience, within your budget.


  1690 dhs (include 2 hours shopping trip and mini style consultation plus a visit to the hair stylist)


Style Parties!!!

A custom made party just for you and your friends. Just pick any fashion dilema and we will have fun discussing it in a group.




  Price depending on number of people attending.


Are you always not sure what to pack and how much should you take? If the worst part of any trip is packing for that trip then this is the time to hire a professional to pack for you. Our stylist is specialzed in packing for every occasion you will be amazed how light and stylish you will travel.




  2hours 1090 dhs

Picture Perfect

Where ever you are and what ever it is you want to buy now all you need is to send a photo to a professional stylist  to help you make that decision immediately. With just a few questions and back and forth you will walk away with the right purchase.

  275 Dhs/Picture/Consultation

Forever Stylish

This service guarantees you’re always prepared and looking glamorous for every occasion and includes the following:

Weekly visits by our stylist to your home.
Layout your complete outfits including accessories for the week ahead.
Free six hours from the stylist to be used based on what you need (personal shopping, make up application, hair consultation, style party, packing…etc.)



By Your Side

This service guarantees you’re always prepared and looking glamorous for every occasion and includes the following:

Two visits/month by our stylist to your home.
Layout your complete outfits including accessories for your special occasions for the weeks ahead.
Free 3 hours from the stylist to be used based on what you need (personal shopping, make up application...